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Represented by
American Medium
, NY
The Future Gallery, Berlin
Gloria Maria Gallery, Milan
Upfor, Portland OR

Labyrinth project funded by Rhizome Commissions 2012-2013 cycle
Read about it in my application HERE and check out the labyrinth thru this KEY~~~~~~~~~><~~~~~~~~~~~~~Solo Exhibitions
Central~Lattice Tool Array,Upfor, Portland, OR, Dec 2014
sentient~sequence, Sorbus, Helsinki, Oct 2014
skyface~terrace domain, American Medium, NYC, Oct 2014
Lattice~Face Parameter Chant, Upfor, Portland OR, Oct 2013
Liquid Vehicle Transmitter, YBCA , San Francisco, July 2013
Solo Exhibition at Kunstverein Dusseldorf, June 2013
exosensr, American Medium, NYC, March 2013
“SkyFace~TxtrMappr,” screening and performance, Gene Siskel Film Center, SAIC/LAMPO, Chicago, Sept 2012
~hieromesh~trance`scribr~~>, Gloria Maria Gallery, Milan, Feb 2012 ~self~nesting~sensr~>, The Future Gallery, Berlin, Feb 2012.

Collaborative Projects

MSHR, collaborative project with Birch Cooper, 2011- present

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~vvvvvvv~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~OREGON PAINTING SOCIETY, Art Collective with Brenna Murphy,
Matt Carlson, Birch Cooper, Barbara Kinzle, Jason Traeger, 2007-2012

SPECTRAL NET, Audio~Video Collective with Birch Cooper, Brenna Murphy,
Roger Tellier-Craig and Sabrina Ratté (of Le Revelateur)

20 minute video feature "Spectral Sequences Vol. 1" plus companion poster available through Undervolt & Co. for only $5



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